Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello, readers, and welcome to Classy Emma!

Let's start with the basics. Obviously, my name is Emma. I was an avid blogger a couple years back when I travelled to Belgium for my foreign exchange year but since then blogging has pretty much fallen off of my radar. I would really like to get back into it by starting this fun blog about things I love, like food, fitness, travel, and fashion! I also like to throw in posts about crafting, photography and other blog-y girly things.

A little bit about me... I'm an actress, dancer, singer, photographer, traveller, writer, reader, crafter, baker, candlestick maker... Kidding, just seeing if you were paying attention ;) But really, I have many interests. Mainly, I am a performer. I am in school right now studying theatre, french, and dance! I am bilingual so for all you frenchies out there, bonjour et bienvenue! I've gotten pretty passionate about my health recently as well. I am also proud to say that I am a Walt Disney cast member, working in entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. With all this school, work and healthy stuff, life has become pretty hectic and I have fallen away from the other things I love to do, like cooking, crafting, writing, photography, etc. I'm hoping this blog can help me come back to all the joys of life!

Oh, and yes, I have a boyfriend. He's awesome, and his name is Steve Martin. I'm not making that up. This is us.

This is an everything blog. Expect a wide variety of posts, from Outfits of the Day to inspirational writings to stories about my adventures as an actress or traveller! You can always be sure that they will be classy :)

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