Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classy In The City

Today I helped a friend with a film project, which meant I went back to campus for the first time since classes ended for the summer. Even though it looked pretty much the same, it felt really different. Of course, this could have been because it was sunny and there were only a handful of students milling about, but I also think that maybe it is because I am actually really looking forward to the new year ahead. I'm ready to be the fun, confident, positive, and outgoing person that I really am.



Last year, I found that I started to waiver in my confidence, not only in my talent, but really in myself as a person. For some reason, I didn't feel as sure of myself and I definitely didn't feel like I was a good enough actress to be in the company of my peers at school. Little by little, over the course of the year, I managed to build myself back up. This took a lot of work, of course. I had to teach myself how to be positive, how to ignore the self-judgement, and how to quit comparing myself to the others around me. After a year of all of this self-improvement, I find myself in a really good place, and I am ready to conquer the upcoming year!



That was a really abbreviated version of what I went through. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to purge myself on the internet just yet... Anyways, I absolutely love this jumper! It certainly isn't the most versatile piece in my closet, but it is unique and has the best vintage feel to it. Plus it's really soft! I love the buttons down the front and the criss cross straps on the back. The bow in the front just makes it! I paired it this time with a light and flowy white button-down shirt, which has that menswear vibe while still being feminine with the light fabric. To top it all off, I added some antique gold earrings with pearl accents and an antique pearl necklace. Both are heirloom items that have been passed down in my family and I am always proud to wear them. A little red lipstick put the cherry on top and completed the look.



My shoes are brand new from H&M and I have to tell you, I'm obsessed with them! Usually, the flats at H&M don't fit me properly, but these were just perfect! They're comfortable, perfectly shaped, and ridiculously cute. I love the suede feeling to them as well. I love them so much that I not only bought them in black, but also in a plum color. There will probably be a post dedicated solely to them coming up soon!



What techniques do you use to help your self-confidence? What are your favorite pieces from your wardrobe? Anything that you're obsessing over right now?

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  1. sooo beautiful babe! love that jumper! x