Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crafty Sunday

Maybe that should be a thing here on Classy Emma... Crafty Sundays. Of course, the one that I'm going to share today didn't necessarily happen on a Sunday, but that's really splitting hairs. Anyways...

My sister and I went to Artist For A Day last week on a whim. We hadn't been there since we were little kids and I was so excited to get creative again and have some fun! Artist For A Day is this really charming little place where you can go to paint pottery pieces and then they fire them for you in their kiln and you go back to pick them up about a week later. Olivia and I decided to use the opportunity to make some dishes for our future apartment!

I think I have mentioned it before, but Olivia and I are planning on getting an apartment together sometime in the near future. We don't really have any plans set in stone yet, but we like to fantasize about the fun decor opportunities. Even though we have some different tastes in style, especially when it comes to the home, we managed to come up with a pretty good idea of where we want to go with the hypothetical apartment.

She tends to like bold colors and more geometric patterns, a much more modern approach, while I'm attracted to more vintage-inspired patterns and softer colors. However, I still like my statement pieces and bright colors sometimes and she can appreciate the feminine prettiness of my style. Together, we do a pretty good job coming up with ideas for our future space.

We decided to go with all mismatched dishes in the new place because it would be a lot of fun to thrift our dish sets by picking up a random piece every now and then. And then to make a few of our pieces ourselves makes it even more special! This time, we each made two small plates that could be salad plates or even just lunch plates. We pulled inspiration from other dishes I had found on Pinterest. I will admit, I absolutely LOVE the things I see at Anthropologie, so I pulled some ideas from there as well. We plan on going back to Artist For A Day one more time to make four dinner plates to add to our set.

The painting process is so much fun! First we wiped our pieces down to get rid of all the dust, then we brainstormed for ideas of what to paint. We started by picking out our paint colors so that even though they would each have different designs, they would be pulled together by having the same color palette. We had already decided a while ago that we wanted to use turquoise and red in the kitchen and dining area, so we started there. Then we added some other colors and went to work creating our masterpieces! We helped each other and ended up with four really pretty, super cute plates!

I can't wait to keep working on our apartment! I love interior decorating and home decor and it's so exciting to actually be planning the decor for a (semi) real space! What would you have painted on your plates?

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