Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dancing In The Backyard

*Note: I'm not sure why my photos are uploading slightly pixelated... I'm looking at it and hope to have it fixed very soon!*

If you didn't already know this, I'm studying theatre at school. I am personally very much interested in musical theatre and am always looking for new songs to use for auditions, as well as fun and different musicals, just to inspire me and so that I have a wider vocabulary when it comes to the world of Broadway. Last year, I stumbled across "Title Of Show", which may be the best musical ever written for four people. I can't believe it took me that long to find it. Especially because when I went to all my other musical theatre friends freaking out about it, they looked at me in that where-have-you-been look. Sigh.

Anyways, there is a beautiful song in this show called "A Way Back To Then" and I'm obsessed with it! As soon as I found it, I knew that I had to learn it. Let me tell ya, that didn't take very long! Of course, I struggled with it a little bit because when I had to use it for a class, I was in the middle of a cold and my throat was not having that belt at the end! The struggle.

The reason I bring that up is because the first line of the song goes "dancing in the backyard, KoolAid mustache and butterfly wings". That really captures what was happening in these photos! That is my grandmother's backyard. In other words, my childhood. My sister and I spent many a happy afternoon frolicking there with KoolAid (or something like it) and pretending to be butterflies (or some other creature). Being back there all grown up and dolled up sparked a little bit of that inner child, which is why I was running all over the place and climbing on things and being goofy.

I think these photos have a sort of "Alice In Wonderland" feel to them. I don't know why I kept my arms in permanent Alice mode for some of these. I guess I just had that in my brain. That dress has a whimsical bird pattern, combined with the slight poof of the sleeves and the asymmetry of the skirt, it reminds me of that carefree kid innocence of Alice. Plus I was wearing a pocket watch around my neck, leaving only one question... Where was the White Rabbit?

Do you have any fun childhood memories? Maybe of backyard shenanigans?

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