Monday, July 29, 2013



I've been thinking a lot lately about a lot of things. Mostly about where my life is headed and where I want to be in the next few years. But one of the biggest things that goes into that is not only where my career will be or where my relationship status will be. The biggest part of it is where I will be in my growth as a person. My spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.



I have always known that I didn't want to be average. I have always wanted to stand out in life and do things that other people can't, won't, or are too afraid to do (this coming from the girl who won't go on roller coasters because she's afraid of throwing up...). That's why I travelled to Belgium and lived there for a year. That's why I auditioned and work for Walt Disney World. That's why I'm studying theatre. That's why I want to live abroad for parts of my life. I never wanted to just go to school and get a basic degree in something like business and then go get an office job. Kudos to the people who do it, I just never could. I have always wanted to make something big out of myself. I have always wanted to be extraordinary.



Extraordinary is a pretty intense word. It's right up there with spectacular and magnificent. The opposite of ordinary or average. To tell myself that I want to be extraordinary does put some pressure on me as a human being. I am convinced, though, that I have what it takes to be what I want to be. I also think, however, that everyone is extraordinary in their own way. All of those people with business degrees and office jobs, they are extraordinary, too. They may be the best bankers on the planet or the best business owners. I give them major props, because even though I may be adventuress by wanting to go places and do things that others deem "crazy", they are adventuress to me to enter into a world that I see as scary and unsure.



Being this way is not easy. I need to push myself in order to achieve it, and the thing about it is that once you reach what you would consider to be "extraordinary", then there is new level of it ahead of you. It's constant growth and constant change. A few years ago, I would've considered living abroad to be extraordinary. Now that I have achieved that, there are new goals ahead of me. Every day, every achievement brings something new. That's the exciting part about life!



Now about the clothes! I just found this dress a couple of days ago at Francesca's. I may be a tad bit obsessed with that store. I get lost in there, easily. I love this dress because of the print! It's classy, yet bold and fun. I also love the flowiness of the skirt and even the top bodice gives off that flowing vibe. It's actually a size too big, but I like it that way because I think it makes it a bit more casual. I did glam it up a little bit today with my ballet bun, fancy earrings, and heels. By the way, I have those shoes forever. They have a fun story attached to them. Maybe I'll tell that story another day...


What do you think extraordinary means? What makes people extraordinary?


  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I really love the pattern and it fits you like a dream!

    Sounds like you have a really awesome job right now selling Lion King merch! Not bad music to have stuck in your head either. :)

    Hope that you continue to have a rocking summer!


  2. Oh my.! you are so gorgeous and beautiful..! i like your dress so much .!