Monday, July 15, 2013

Still Rockin' That Red White and Blue

Even though the Fourth is long past, the red, white, and blue combination is still totally valid in my opinion. I've always thought that those colors go together, regardless of patriotism. I especially like a navy blue with a bright red or with a dark burgundy or wine color. Throw some cream in there and it's a perfectly vintage take on our country's colors.

Did you know that France also has red, white, and blue as their national colors? Being a bit of a francophile, I enjoy the fact that we share colors. Not to mention Great Britain! They are such noble colors, it is only appropriate that they be featured all over the world!

It had been pretty hot that day, even though it has been unseasonably cold these past few weeks in lovely Cleveland. I knew that I needed to get my hair up off my neck but I was so sick of ponytails and wanted to find something new. I got the inspiration from a video posted on Delightfully Tacky. Elizabeth had shown her tutorial for something similar with a scarf and I modified it a tad to fit my type of hair and the style I wanted.

I think I may have used twenty bobbypins for this style. For some reason, I hadn't even thought to poof up the front of my hair until doing this. With this curly mane, I tend to just let it air dry without doing a thing to it. Lately, though, I've taken to trying new things and taking the time to play with it. I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out; I'm sure I'll be doing it again!

What are your go-to hairstyles?

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  1. Emma--You are darling! I just scrolled through a bunch of your posts and you are off to such a fabulous start. Great content, and your personality absolutely shines through, Keep it up! And love the red white and blue.
    I'll be back. So glad you happened by my site. Aloha new friend!