Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Color Skirt

Lately I have been absent from the interwebs, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about clothes! In fact, I probably think about clothes and fashion more than just about any other material thing. Forget that fancy iPhone, all I need is a pretty dress to make me happy!

I have also been thinking lately that my wardrobe is getting a little... well, blah. It just needs some spice! I think the perfect thing to revamp it would be a couple of colorful skirts. Actually, I have been pretty obsessive about colorful skirts as of late. I tend to gravitate towards skirts and dresses way more than pants because, hey, we all want to camouflage certain parts of our bodies, right? I find that the forgiving flowiness of skirts flatter me best. It's even better when it's a bold statement piece!

Even though the trend in the past has been to keep the bottoms relatively simple and go with a statement top or statement jewelry, I am loving this overwhelming wave of colorful and printed skirts and shorts for summer! Why shouldn't you keep the top simple and make the bottom the focal point of the outfit? I guess some people wouldn't want to draw the attention to that part of their body, but if the piece is made well, then having that kind of attention-grabber is great! Plus, it allows you to pair it with a bold necklace or earrings, since the focus isn't already up by your face. What can I say, I'm just all about the bold skirts!

For some reason, I really think that I need a green skirt in my closet. I'm not sure why I feel like green would be best, but it seems that I lack green in my collection. I've been keeping my eyes peeled and I have come across a couple of them online. The problem with online shopping is that it is never-ending! Nothing stops you from scrolling on and on into infinity, even in the wee hours of the night.

Last night, I was up late because I had gotten sucked into Modcloth.com. But what else is new... I felt like I was hitting "Love It!" for every other piece I saw. However, I did manage to come up with a pretty good, and well-rounded, wish list of colorful and flowy skirts that would be essential additions to my closet. Of course, that would also mean that I would need to acquire some extra cash flow... Maybe I should rethink the word "essential"...

Skirt #1: My favorite part about this one is definitely the buttons (duh). They add such a cute and retro vibe. Also the length is perfectly vintage!

Skirt #2: This one is a little bit more formal but I think it could definitely be worn casually. The color is gorgeous and it would look so cute for a chic day out or even date night!

Skirt #3: What I really like about this one is the burnt orange color. It's so versatile and perfect for fall!

Skirt #4: I've taken to maxi skirts lately and I really like this color. It's totally on-trend for right now, which I tend to stay away from, but it's just so breezy and comfy looking!

Skirt #5: I love pastels! I try not to do pastels too often, like every day, but I enjoy the femininity of them. This would be great for the last few days of summer!

Skirt #6: There's my green skirt! What can I say, everything about this is cute. Perfect length, cute bow tie, and flared out just enough. It would definitely be a go-to piece for me!

Skirt #7: I am loving this print! I tend to stay away from yellows because of my skin tone, but away from my face and with this great print, I think I could make it work.

Skirt #8: At first, I wasn't feeling the retro Jetson feel of the print on this skirt, but it has definitely grown on me. Plus I love the shape of it and the length is great!

Would these pieces fit into your wardrobe? Any other suggestions?

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