Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Wrap-up

As told by my Instagram:

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July has certainly been a crazy one! I can't believe I've only been home from Disney for about a month. In that month, I have started a new job (I've been selling merchandise for The Lion King Broadway show as it comes through Cleveland), celebrated two of my best friends' weddings, got hired at a bridal salon (more about that later), and got started on this blog!

Of course, I have big plans for August, as well! In ten days, I leave for a two week visit to Europe with my mom (YAY!), and when I get back, it will be one thing after another! Classes will start back up, I'll start my new job, and begin preparing for upcoming auditions at CSU. There is a ton of stuff to be looking forward to, and I can't wait to get started! Sadly, it will mean ending my job with The Lion King, which is a shame, because I'm really enjoying it. But you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens! The more I experience life, the more I believe that.

Photos: my last day at Magic Kingdom until next summer; painting pottery with my sister; Fourth of July with the boy; cheese and crackers at an outdoor Cleveland Orchestra concert; rockin' my lion mane on my first day at The Lion King; my orange blueberry cornbread muffins; my latest shipment of Mary Kay eyeshadows; Steve and I at Nicole's wedding; my most popular post yet; on being extraordinary; free Starbucks, courtesy of my awesome manager; delicious sangria at lunch with mommy; beautiful design made my chance with sauce when Steve and I were at dinner; the wine we had; the amazing bruschetta that we had on our Super Date; pretty vegetables, ready to grill!