Friday, August 30, 2013

My Trip Told in Food Photos

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, I think. When you go to Europe, it's only natural that you should find some of the most delightful dishes with some traditional, fresh, and authentic ingredients. From Belgium to France to England, we found great restaurants, wonderful bakeries, and even an ultra-fresh market. Of course I had to snap some pictures of our meals before we ate. Not only was it all so tasty, but also picturesque!

Starting in Belgium, mom and I shared a yummy open-faced sandwich with tomatoes and goat cheese. Cheese is so much more delicious in Europe. We also tried a mitraillette, which is a big baguette split down the middle and filled with hamburger, fries, and sauce. The hamburger is *way* different from how we know it here in the USA, but the fries and sauce are definitely superior. Of course, there are going to be the Belgian waffles! They are much denser, sweeter, and tastier than in the States, and are never eaten for breakfast. Rather, they are sold on the street, sort of like a funnel cake at a carnival, except every day, everywhere. Amazing. We also ate the traditional Belgian meal of mussels, fries, and beer. Mom had a cherry one and mine was peach. Belgian (flavored) beers are the only ones I really like. Our meal also happened to come with an appetizer and dessert. I had salad shrimp and chocolate mousse. Belgian chocolate is paradise.


Aug 22, 20136


Aug 22, 20132

In Paris, the food was actually less than extravagant because we chose to eat at moderately-priced restaurants. The food was delicious, but I didn't snap many photos. Except at this lovely bakery! It was at the corner right by our hotel and we stopped there quite a few times. Croissants in Paris is so wonderfully cliché, and for a reason. It's delicious and just somehow perfect.


Some of the best food we had was in Provence. We found a little outdoor terrace that had a nice salad menu for dinner with very interesting, light meals. Mine had some sort of poultry on it, but even after looking it up, I still don't quite know what it was that I ate. Who knew mystery meat was actually delicious? My mom's salad even had potatoes on it! I also had speculoos ice cream, which I've had in the past, but it was great to taste it again. If you don't know what speculoos is, look it up. It's wonderful, and even though it's not super easy to find, you can get it in the States now. We also went to an amazing market where we saw all kinds of interesting food (more to come on that later) and brought home fresh cheese, strawberries, bread and tomato for a wonderful outdoor picnic. Not to mention every morning we started the day with fresh rolls, croissants, and jams.






Aug 22, 20133

In London, where we thought the food would be the worst, we were actually treated to some unexpected treats! We actually took our afternoon tea (!) on the first day, and accompanied that with a wonderful cauliflower soup. We also had the typical fish and chips in a local pub and it was so good! The piece of fish was huge and rather than just being a basket full of greasy deep-fried food, it was served with a little salad and peas. Mom and I definitely appreciated that.

Aug 22, 20134


What's the best thing you ever ate? Where did you have it?

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  1. All of this food look so so yummy- my mouth is seriously watering!!

    Xo, Hannah