Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogtember Day 2: Three Months Off


It's Day 2 of Blogtember! I'm totally all about this challenge. If you don't what I'm talking about, take a peak over at Story of My Life and Jenni can explain.

Day 2 Prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?



I had a rough time answering this one because there are a million things I would want to do! I think the top one on my list, though, would be to travel across Europe and spend the time studying dance and acting techniques from the masters. I have always wanted to take intensive courses all over the world, but of course time and money get in the way constantly, as with most things. If they were no option, then I think that is what I would want to do most. Of course, I would also take those opportunities to live luxuriously and eat decadently. And shop. Lots and lots of vintage shopping. I mean, I would be in Europe after all! It would be sinful not to take advantage of all that. If money is no option, then I would have no excuse not to take advantage of everything I could.



I would spend my days dancing, learning, and knocking elbows with some amazing people in the business. Networking! My afternoons would be spent in museums, parks, local shops and wandering through the villages and cities of Europe while photographing it all. I would spend my evenings in dark and cozy restaurants, maybe a piano bar here and there, and occasionally going out to a club or concert. It would be wonderful. I would be doing what I love in beautiful places and enjoying every moment of it. I would be free.


What about you? What would you do?

*All photos are of me, taken in Italy during my study abroad year*

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