Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Broadway Bound

It's still Blogtember, but I think I'm going to start shying away from actually detracting from my posts with that fact (after this time, I promise). I'll continue to insert the button at the bottoms of my posts and you should all still check it out, but I think I'm just going to write on the prompts instead.

Day 6 Prompt: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I mulled over this for a while, thinking about the times when I literally felt my life take a shift. There have been a couple, but I think the biggest one happened when I was in sixth grade. I touched on this lightly in my "Where I Come From" post, but I want to delve into it a tad more.

When I was in sixth grade, the big girls at my dance studio were opening the summer recital with "One" from A Chorus Line, complete with the amazing original choreography. It also just so happened that this particular musical was playing at the Carousel Dinner Theater in Akron, which no longer exists (the theater, not the city). After some persuasion, my best friend and I managed to convince our parents to take us to see it. It was me, my bestie, my mom, her mom, and my cousin. Looking back, it probably wasn't the most appropriate musical for two sixth graders and a fourth grader...

Photo by Paul Kolnik

Those actors mesmerized me. I was entranced by how they moved, the words they spoke, how they embraced the characters, and how they drew me in. Then there was the dancing. I about died, I was so enthralled with the whole thing. It was in that moment that I knew that I had to be one of them some day. I had to get on that stage and perform and be an actress. The rest is history (in the making)! From that point on, I was obsessed. I got serious about my dancing, I did way more acting, saw more shows, did my research, signed up for master classes and eventually started vocal lessons. I participated in my high school drama club, community theatre, and continued to advance in my dancing. Now, ten years later, I'm attending Cleveland State University for theatre performance and I'm a talent scholarship student. We work closely with many acting companies in Cleveland and we are in residence with The Cleveland Playhouse and Groundworks Dance Theatre, not to mention we have state-of-the-art facilities for rehearsal and performance at Playhouse Square. I am so blessed and amazed at these opportunities.

The best part is, I know I'm headed for greatness. That one moment when I was only eleven, and I knew that I was going to make something awesome from my life on the stage. This is only the beginning, that's the best part.


  1. This is such a great post! It's so awesome that you're so confident that you're gonna make it, and I'm sure you will!