Saturday, September 21, 2013

Curls, Curls, and More Curls


My grandmother has been insisting lately on setting my hair in curlers, so a few nights ago, I went over for a visit and we spent the evening rolling my hair. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out with my hair already being permed, but I was up to try it. She told me all about how back in the day, women only really washed their hair once a week and then set it in rollers and had nice curls for the rest of the week. My grandma still does it that way, except now she goes and gets it done weekly, rather than doing it herself. I was pretty apprehensive, since it seemed like kind of an old lady thing to do.

She washed my hair (it feels so good to have other people wash your hair) and put gobs of leave-in conditioner in it and then she went to work! It only took about 45 minutes to do my whole head, which was pretty fast, considering it takes a couple of hours to roll my hair when they do a perm. Grandma was using bigger curlers, though. She then put me under a home dryer, but I sat under it for about 45 more minutes and it still wasn't dry, so I just went home and slept on them, which wasn't the most comfortable night of my life...


The next morning, I took all the rollers out and I was left with crazy barrel curls! I looked like Shirley Temple, but it was so funny! I enjoyed my short, bouncy curls for a few minutes, but then combed through them with my fingers and after a few minutes of separating and playing with them, I had beautiful, full, bouncy curls. My hair felt so light and fluffy!



To go with my princess curls, I decided to debut my Disneyland Paris t shirt. Casual, but fun! Believe it or not, those curls lasted me three days. Plus, it was done with no product and no heat. Maybe the old ladies have it all figured out...

Sep 20, 2013

What's your favorite hair treatment?


  1. love your hair!!! The curls look amazing. What kind of curlers did you use, I have some foam ones, but I'm looking for other kinds.