Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately


Guys, it's been nuts around here over the last week or so. Life has just been a whole bunch of crazy! It's a good crazy, though. I would really rather be busy than not. Between school, work, all my extracurriculars, and starting our show, there has been a lot going on.



I suppose I should elaborate on those things. We're about a month into school, and so far I've really been enjoying it! I'm totally overloaded on classes this semester but rather than feeling overwhelmed, I feel like I'm actually learning things, which is a wonderful feeling. I'm a talent scholarship student this year, so I also have a few more responsibilities than I did last year. I have more service hours that I have to complete and a community service project to think about. I'm also on the dance company this year. So much to do!



I've also been working at Catan Fashions, which is a bridal salon. I've been there for about a month now, and I really enjoy my job! It's so fun to work with brides and help them find their dream dress for their wedding. I love being around the dresses and getting to talk and think fashion for a while on my weekends. Plus, I like getting paid. It's kind of like Say Yes to the Dress, but in real life.

Now for the big news: We're starting our rehearsals for our musical, "Cabaret", today! I am so incredibly excited for this, I can't believe I haven't blown up my blog with updates. We went through our entire audition process two weeks ago and I was in hell waiting for the cast list to be posted. It all paid off, though, because I was cast as Sally Bowles! For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, that's the lead... We have our first read-through tonight and I cannot wait to get started!



Otherwise, I've been working on getting really in shape and getting back into healthy eating. Living at home makes that more difficult than when I'm on my own, but I still think I can lose ten pounds by the time we open the show. It's gonna happen! I've also been trying really hard to make more time to take outfit photos, even though that's not always an easy thing to do, and it's going to keep getting harder as we get farther into the rehearsal process. I'll figure out a way to make it work, though! I've also been spending time with my man whenever I can. We actually just celebrated eight months yesterday. I know that isn't really a milestone, but we still had dinner together and made a fire outside. I know, awwwwwww.


dress: forever 21, shirt: H&M, belt: H&M, neckace: sister's, shoes: H&M

A note about this outfit, it's totally a maxi dress with one of my sister's shirts over it. I hadn't realized it until just now, but most of the pieces that I'm wearing are actually from H&M. That nail polish is probably one of my favorite colors I've ever put on my nails, not to mention it lasted well! I think I'll need to invest in a new wide belt soon, though, because that one has gotten a lot of wear. It's my go-to belt. Also, those curls are still left over from when my grandma set my hair, which totally ended up being worth the time and effort because they lasted for about three and a half days and they were so pretty!



Life is pretty great. Things are going well and even though I don't have much time to do other stuff, like read or do random photography or see movies, I am just loving how things are right now. Everything is sort of falling into place, and that makes me feel like I'm in the right place and doing what I'm supposed to do.

What about you? How's life going?


  1. First of all, I'm so excited for you lead role. That's awesome.
    second of all, I love, love looove your outfit!!
    Glad to hear everything is falling into place. :)

    Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  2. My shirt and my necklace are both from Forever 21. Nice use of them.