Sunday, December 1, 2013

Twisted Vines


I was going through some old photos today and found quite a few sets that I had completely forgotten that I had taken. One of the sets was from last year's holiday visit to the Botanical Gardens in downtown Cleveland. We always go there around Christmas time and last year I seemed to have taken some really interesting pictures! This one in particular caught my eye, though.

These vines are wrapped around the giant tree that is in the middle of one of the greenhouses. It almost looks unreal with the way the roots are knotted into each other. What's even crazier is how much this picture spoke to me. In a weird way, it kind of reminds me of life. That sounds cheesy, but it's true. Sometimes things get twisted and mixed up. Things don't go the way we want and it feels like our lives are tumbling down around us in a tangled mess. Sometimes in such a way that it seems like it's not even real. Then there are other times where everything seems to work out so perfectly that it's twisted and unreal in another way. Things start to go your way and you feel like somehow, you got the luckiest end of the deal and you don't even know why.

Life is so great and rewarding that way, isn't it?

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