Monday, July 21, 2014

French-American Fashion



During the three weeks that I was in France, I'll be honest, I spent quite a bit of time shopping. I did a lot of other things, too, don't worry. But in my exploration of the cities, I would duck into a boutique here and there and I think it was a great way to get a different sense of the French culture. Fashion is so interesting that way. With fashion, you can see what other cultures are affecting the French. For example, Abercrombie is a very popular brand over there, among other American marks. In Paris alone I saw three different American Apparel store (and I may have bought a circle scarf...). By seeing the different fashion trends, whether I recognized them as American or not, it gave me a good sense of French pop culture.



In this outfit, the shorts were thrifted in Paris and the shoes were bought in Clermont-Ferrand from a store called André. It is a pretty large chain shoe store that can be found throughout France and I pretty much fell in love with their sandals. This is one of the two pairs that I bought in my three weeks and they are so versatile. I bought them because I was in pretty desperate need of a pair of casual sandals and I always have trouble finding ones that fit, due to my wide dancer feet. So when I found these, I knew that I just had to purchase them or I would never find another pair. Once I bought them, I basically lived in them for the rest of the trip. Like I said, so versatile! The color allows them to go with pretty much anything and I love how strappy they are. They are casual enough for everyday wear, but if I wanted to wear them with a nicer dress, I would feel totally comfortable wearing them out.


The shorts were found at a thrift store in Paris where everything was priced by the kilo. I was so excited when I found them, even though they are H&M brand. Even so, finding a good pair of high waisted shorts with a fun print is always a triumph! Finding them is Paris? Even better! I can't wait to experiment with these and find different things with which to pair them. They're a little bold, but it'll be a challenge, which is always a good time.



I think I'm a shopaholic. Sure I enjoy shopping in the States, but abroad? It's even more fun! Like I said, it's such a great way to discover pop culture. When it comes to French fashion, it's not extremely different from American fashion, but it's clear that we influence each other. So many Americans think that the French are the queens of fashion, but the truth is that we inspire them in so many ways. It's a cool game of give and take. We affect each other and beautiful clothing comes from it, along with a broad range of personal style and what "fashion" actually means. I think it's so great that I can wear pieces that I bought here and pieces that I bought there and combine them for awesome outfits. I have found some of my favorite closet staples in other countries. Do you have any unique pieces that you bought abroad?

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