Sunday, August 10, 2014

Babies and Bubbles



A few years ago, two wonderful children came into our family. Charlie and Lilly are my beautiful little baby cousins. Up until Charlie was born, almost 4 years ago (time goes so fast), all of the cousins of the family were roughly the same age. We all played together throughout our childhood and grew up together. So when Charlie came along, we were all so excited to have a baby in the family again! Just a couple of short years after that, Lillian was born and all of the sudden we had TWO adorable little peanuts to love!



Yesterday, one of my older cousins had a little going-away party before she leaves for college (seriously, where has the time gone??), and after dinner we went outside with the kids. The bubbles came out and before long, so did my camera! Charlie wasn't so interested in the bubbles, but he did sneeze in the aunt's face, so that was a great moment. Lilly definitely was all about the bubbles. Watching her run after them and try to figure out how to blow bubbles herself was such a treat. And in that adorable tiny pink dress? Who wouldn't love that?



These kids just melt my heart. They are so precious and beautiful and we give them so much love. I think everyone in the family is simply obsessed with them! They are such happy children and I can't wait to see them grow up into beautiful, happy people, just like their parents.

Are there any special little ones in your life?


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  1. omg she is just ADORABLE! love these cute little snapshots xoxo

    Natalie Off Duty