Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Key to Success

When I was in seventh grade, my social studies teacher always said "Organization is the key to success". Probably since elementary school, my mom has been trying to get me to get myself organized, both in my school and home life. I've always been one to have a hard time keeping a planner, keeping my room clean, or even keeping track of everything I need to do. Somehow, though, I always managed to get everything done and I was fairly successful in my "organized chaos" of a life. Of course, we all know that this is just what we tell ourselves when we have a hard time staying organized.



Every year, every semester for as long as I can remember, I have tried to get myself organized. I have bought planners, folders, labels, calendars, organizers, trappers, binders, sticky notes, highlighters, everything you could possibly imagine that was made for getting your life together. Somehow, though, every time I try, it only lasts a few weeks and then I inevitably fall off track. I forget to update my calendar, or I write in the planner but forget to check it. Somehow, it seemed like my lack of organization was permanent, a part of my genetic makeup. Let me tell you, it drove my mother crazy.

Sep 3, 2014

This year, though, my last year of college, is going to be different. Knowing that I'm about to graduate and be out on my own in the real world has given me a jolt into committing to organizing my life and keeping it that way. I actually want to keep things in their place and put in the effort. This weekend, I spent two whole days clearing out, cleaning out, organizing, and tidying up my room. I threw away (well, recycled) an entire garbage bag of just old papers, had two boxes of things to give away, and completely reorganized everything in there. It looks better than it has probably since I started college.



I'm also committing to using my planner this year! This wonderful planner is from Target. Cute and functional! There are plenty of places for me to keep my notes and keep track of everything that I need to do each day. Plus, using fun, bright pens also makes me want to write in it! I swear, fun colors make everything easier. These awesome Pilot pens are from France and the colors are perfect. Exciting, colorful, French pens inspire me! Does that make me a huge nerd?



I also may have gone a little crazy with my folder/notebook decoration. But when your choices at the store are One Direction or... One Direction... Well, it's time to get creative! Plus, I think taking a gold Sharpie paint pen to my folders and notebook gave my things a personal touch, which, again, makes me want to use them more! I also get to use even more French pens in them :)

It may be ten years too late, but I'm finally ready to commit to organization! Organization is the key to success! What are your tips and tricks?

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