Monday, January 22, 2018

100 Happy Days

About a week and a half ago, I hit my 100-day anniversary of moving to NYC! For each of those days, I had posted a photo on Instagram under the hashtag #100happydays. I chose to do this challenge right when I moved to keep my focus on the good things, however small or large. I knew the move wouldn't be easy, and I had of course heard about how much New York City can kick you around. I wanted to make sure I was holding onto positivity, even when the going got tough.

So, here are some of the highlights from my first 100 days! These are MY favorite memories, and they're all for different reasons, whether it's a significant event or one of those little things. There are quite a few here, but how could I possibly choose when my first 100 days were so jam packed???

Enjoying the view of downtown NYC from my window on my first night in my new home.

BeFunky Collage_243
One of my first days in the city, my friend Kaila showed me some of the highlights of Central Park. The weather was gorgeous, the park was beautiful, and it was so fun hanging out with one of my Disney pals!

My first day working at THE Kleinfeld! Yes, where they film Say Yes to the Dress. And yes, there was a camera crew there.

I had started working at a neighborhood Italian restaurant, Casa Apicii, in Greenwich Village, thanks to one of my college friends, Joe (the goof with the 'state), and there was a whole crew of cool people working there who were from or had gone to school in Cleveland. Here are all seven of us!

The new girls at Casa Apicii and the opening day of what would come to be known as "The Leg Show". Shout out to Sophia and Callee, who would become really wonderful friends.

I had gotten new glasses, which was a big deal cause my old ones were constantly falling off my face and they were really boring. I loooove my new specs!

One of my favorite parts about living here is how many people come to visit! Seeing Hannah was so much fun!

Being someone with lots of dietary restrictions, I really appreciate how accessible alternative options are here. By Chloe has become one of my go-to spots for vegan and gluten-free eats, and this mac and cheese is amaaaaaaazing!

Miranda is one of my favorite humans ever and I LOVED having the chance to see "War Paint" with her while she was in town!

I'm including this purely because I felt like a million bucks that night as I channeled old Hollywood Glamour in this awesome green velvet dress.

This is Marco. We did West Side Story together in Florida, and seeing him in the city was so so so great! He's an amazing human.

Landed a seasonal contact at lululemon! I'd been wanting to work for the company for a long time and being a part of that team, even if only for a short while, was so much fun and introduced me to some really incredible people. Plus I got to work at arguably the most beautiful store ever on 5th Ave right across from Rockefeller Center!

Guys... sometimes there really is nothing better than coming home and getting cozy. Also I love Mickey bandaids.

I was not looking forward to spending the holidays away from family, but then I got to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend and extended fam, which was most excellent! Plus mine and Stephen's amazing Trivial Pursuit victory.

Courtney is one of my oldest and best friends from high school, and when she came to visit with her husband, I was so excited to spend the day with them! This is us at the Top of the Rock, enjoying a stunning view of Manhattan.

When lululemon came out with pieces in orange and dark maroon, I couldn't help but be reminded of Cleveland Browns colors, so you bet I rocked them head to toe! I never miss an opportunity to represent my city!

This is one of the biggest steps I've taken so far with my hand lettering/art business. I was invited by one of my friends from Disney, who now works as a manager at J Crew in the city, to participate in their Local Artisan Event and sell my holiday cards, gift bags, tags, etc in their store! Just getting the exposure and being a part of this event was a huge accomplishment and I can't wait to do more things like this in the future and continue building my brand!

Christmas!!! While it kind of had a rocky start, I ended up having a really lovely holiday, again spending it with my extended family, but also having a good FaceTime date with my actual family back in Cleveland! Also, my best friend, Kasey, had my mom send her my childhood stocking so that I would have it on Christmas. That surprise was SO incredibly special, it had me in literal tears. I still can't believe they did that for me!

A couple of days after the holiday, my parents came to visit. It was my mom's first time in NYC and we had a great time! It was bitter cold outside, but the New York Public Library provided excellent relief from the frozen streets. Plus, just look at that tree!

This is Tatum. I met her one day while I was working at Kleinfeld. Her and her mother came in because Tatum is a HUGE fan of Say Yes to the Dress. Since it was a quiet day in the salon, I got to show her around the store! She was so sweet and thankful! I could tell by both her and her mother's reactions that this was a really special experience for them. It was so great to feel like I was making magic in a child's life again. She was the one that asked for a photo with me!

New Year's Eve! Putting 2017 behind me was incredibly significant, and that day was a really tough one. But Kasey convinced me to throw on a sparkly dress, put some mascara on those lashes, and come to their infamous New Year's Eve party that I'd been hearing about for years. I'm so glad I did. I met some really cool people, got to know some friends better, made a perfect crepe, wined and dined, and threw literal handfuls of confetti! It was such a fun night and I'm so happy to have rung in 2018 with my best friend.

That time I got to play dress up in wedding gowns at work. I felt like a real life princess!

The first audition of this winter audition season with two amazing friends, one from Disney and one from lululemon. I love having some amazing, strong women in my life to inspire and support each other!

The last day of the challenge, I got my hair cut. I love these bangs because I haven't had them since graduating high school and I love being reminded of that girl who went out and chased adventure. The girl who left her home to live in Belgium. The girl who made art every day. The girl who wrote half a novel in a month. That girl has grown up and now she knows so much and has experienced so much, but I still get to learn from her and take those lessons into my adult life. It may just be a haircut, but it does represent some pretty deep stuff. Plus it's hella cute ;)

It was actually much more difficult than I'd anticipated to choose the highlights from my 100 Happy Days Project. There were so many beautiful moments in that time, and I'm so glad I forced myself to record even some mundane ones, like my evening cup of tea or the comfy socks I was enjoying at the time. Time moves so quickly here; it's become clear to me how important it is to document my experience. Looking back through these photos was a great way to remember the happy little moments and memories, as well as remember how many amazing people I have in my life. Here's to the next 100 days!

Have you done the 100 Happy Days Challenge? What did it bring to light for you?

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