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Something that has become very near and dear to my heart, and something you can expect to see a lot on this blog, is my art! I specialize in hand lettering and watercolors, and I am so happy to have found this versatile art form. Although I've only been exploring it for a relatively short time, this sort of art has taken on a lot of meaning for me. It serves as a kind of therapy and allows me to put words as well as images on the page in a creative and organic way. It's genuine and versatile and there is always room for change and growth within it. I could go on and on about how much it has opened my eyes and my mind, but I'll save that for the posts!

One of my favorite parts of all of this is creating pieces for others. I love getting to put special words on a page in a unique and personalized way for people. I love designing patterns, illustrations, logos, whatever it may be, to bring new meaning to something that seemed so simple to people. Want to follow my work? Here's my Cranberry Ink Instagram. Want to check out my shop? Here's my Etsy page, where you can order pretty much any custom art that you can think up. Give me a like on Facebook, and I'll send you a coupon. Have questions? You can always contact me via any of the above links, or shoot an email to Whichever method you choose, I'm happy to chat with you about a custom order or my process or even my favorite herbal tea!

If you yourself are an artist, I'd love to hear from you, too! This big digital world is all about a network and art is all about connection. So let's connect!

Enjoy life. Make art. Create beauty.





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